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I am a teaching artist, arts programmer, and graphic designer.


My work considers the intersections between art, artists & their communities, and the institutions that connect them all together.

A Silicon Valley native, I grew up learning the importance of an innovative and relevant education. I found both in the art courses at the public schools I attended, which, through great mentors and lifelong friends, led me to move to Los Angeles, where I studied fine arts and Visual and Performing Arts Education at UCLA. After graduation, I spent a year teaching, art-making, and traveling, then relocated to New England to study the Arts in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In my master’s program, I considered how formal institutions, such as art museums and universities, can work towards accessibility & inclusivity through public arts programming.

My involvement with this work was jumpstarted when I had the privilege to be a teaching artist in schools across Los Angeles as an undergrad. I have since organized conferences such as the Continuing the Conversation Summit and the Let’s Talk conference, and have worked in art museums including the Hammer Museum at UCLA and the Harvard Art Museums.




I am currently based in the Bay Area. Email me: